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We are a functional and integrative nutrition practice, focused on helping the whole family! 


In our practice our motto is ...



Kerri Louati MS, RD, LD, CDE 

Hi! I'm Kerri.

I'm the founder of foodicinal, on a mission to transform people's health through food.  I'm an integrative and functional dietitian, with over 14 years of experience.  I specialize in chronic health issues, complex gut disorders, and neurological dysfunction.  I work with the whole family, including pediatrics, adults and seniors.  I'm so glad that you're here!  

What We Offer 

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1:1 Nutrition Counseling
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Personalized Meal Planning
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& Programs

Did you know that we accept health insurance for nutrition counseling?

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Meal Plans
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Lab Tests 
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Our Philosophy 

We understand the power that food plays in achieving optimal health, either contributing to it or stealing from it.  There's a great ancient proverb that says, "When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is right, medicine is of no need."  While people may still need medicine for many reasons, it really alludes to the fact that we can not achieve proper health without addressing the diet.  This is why we coined the term, foodicinal, to educate others about the connection between our diet and our health, where food can act as a form of medicine.  

Functional Medicine

We practice functional medicine, which allows us to address the root causes of dysfunction in the body.  We also focus on research and evidence-based protocols.  

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We use a food-as-medicine approach, because we understand the power that food plays in transforming our health.  Hence our name, foodicinal.  

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Integrative Principles

We practice using integrative principles, which focuses on how the body is interconnected and how one imbalance can affect another system.  

What Others Say

Fruits and Nuts

“My daughter's mood changed almost immediately after changing her diet.  She's now eating so many more foods and not being as picky.  I'm thrilled with her progress.”

Jill, FL

Food For Thought

Are you confused about the rampant amount of health information coming at you today?  This new fad diet? That new supplement?  That "thing" that everybody swears by? It's a lot, and it is confusing! That's why we're here.  To help you navigate through the information or mis-information for that matter. To provide you with the best program to support YOUR health needs with research-supported recommendations created just for you.  Let's work together and help you reach your health goals! 

Are You Ready? 

Herbs and Vegetables

We are here to help you navigate the nutrition world, and help you reach your goals!  

  • To increase your energy levels

  • To optimize your nutrition 

  • To improve your relationship with food

  • To improve your body composition

  • To rebalance your gut

  • To prevent chronic disease

  • To improve your symptoms

  • To find the answers to your health mysteries

  • To understand your personal health needs

  • To finally feel good

  • To find the best program for YOU

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