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Lab Interpretation

​We offer expert interpretation for both conventional and functional medicine lab tests. Let us guide you with the most in-depth analysis of your labs and the most appropriate recommendations. 

  • Did you order a test from our website and need to review the results?

  • Did you recently get other blood work done with your medical team and need to discuss the results? 

  • Did you do other functional medicine testing and need to go over the findings?

  • Are you confused about recent test results and want to have them explained?

  • Are you a healthcare practitioner that needs a more thorough breakdown of a patient's lab results?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may benefit from scheduling a lab interpretation appointment!  

I have significant experience working as a clinical lab educator at a functional medicine laboratory where I would educate other practitioners about the results of their tests and discuss appropriate interventions to correspond to abnormal values.  I also have experience creating educational material and interpretive guides for many functional medicine tests, adding to my expertise.  If you are spending the money to get these advanced tests done, you want to make sure that you are getting the most extensive and elaborate interpretation with the most appropriate recommendations.  

This service is for individuals who only need to review lab results.  If you need a full evaluation with specific dietary recommendations, supplement advice, lifestyles interventions and coordination of care, you would benefit from a full nutrition consultation.  Please note that if you are already a patient, lab interpretations are included in our nutrition counseling services.  

What's included?
  • Laboratory review for up to 3 functional medicine tests

  • Comprehensive interpretation and explanation of results

  • General guidance and recommendations to address abnormal values  

  • Appointment time: 30-45 minutes 

What's not included? 
  • Meal planning or recipes

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Lab Review
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