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Welcome to foodicinal



Foodicinal is a family nutrition practice that was established in 2010.  We were based on the philosophy that food has the power to be the most powerful form of medicine.  Our mission is simple, to improve the health of individuals by improving their diet and their relationship with food.  


Our practice focuses on integrative principles, which views the whole body as interconnected and understands that an imbalance in one area can affect another area.  A great example of this is the gut-brain axis, where we know that the health of the gut can affect the brain.  This often contradicts the specialist model that pervades the conventional medical system.  


Our practice incorporates functional medicine into our treatment and therapeutic strategies. Functional medicine has gained a lot of traction recently as a buzz word, but to us, it essentially means practicing "good medicine" or "good nutrition."  The reason why is because it addresses the root causes of dysfunction in the body to address the symptoms as opposed to using a band-aid approach.  This requires taking a deeper look at the root cause factors that contribute to dysfunctional in the body.  



We use evidenced based interventions, supported by research, with our patients.  There is so much information available today and it can be extremely difficult to navigate.  As medical professionals, it's our job to provide the most up-to-date research supported data to improve our patient's health.  It can take up to 20 years for information that's evident in research to become integrated into medical practice.  This is just too long.  We consciously strive to be at the cutting edge of medicine/nutrition by translating the information that we have available into medical practice, now.   


There is no one-sized fits all approach to nutrition.  While there are many principles that can apply generally to many, we understand that each body has a unique make-up with different physiological needs.  We take a lot of care to understand each individuals nutrition needs and to develop a personalized program.    


We work with people all over the world via 1:1 nutrition counseling due to the flexibility of Telehealth.  We also offer other programs and support for individuals that do not need direct practitioner care.  We use a HIPAA compliant medical system to ensure that the safety and privacy of our patient's medical information is upheld to the highest standards.   


We strive to be affordable for all families.  Integrative and functional medicine is unfortunately very expensive these days.  In order to make our services accessible to more people, we have contracted with most major insurance companies so that our patient's can get nutrition services covered.  Please visit our FAQ section under services to see if you are eligible for coverage.  We also provide payment plans for individuals that do not have insurance or are not eligible for coverage.  

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Kerri Louati, MS, RD, LD, CDE


Hi! I'm Kerri Louati.  I'm the founder of foodicinal.  I'm a registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, and functional medicine practitioner.



I received by undergraduate degree in nutrition at Bastyr University, which is a school rooted din naturopathic principles.  I also received by master's degree in nutrition and functional medicine. I'm an avid learner and knowledge seeker.  I actively continue my education by attending conferences, seeking advanced certifications and staying up-to-date with research.



I've been practicing nutrition for over 14 years to help people improve their health through diet and lifestyle interventions.  I've worked in many different fields throughout my career.  I taught nutrition education and culinary classes throughout the community, pairing knowledge with the real-life skills to incorporate those recommendations.  For many years, I worked with a group of functional medicine doctors in a private practice setting, focusing on root-cause factors by using nutrition, lifestyles recommendations, IV therapy and more.  


Most recently, I worked at a functional medicine laboratory as a clinical lab educator, where I would educate other practitioners about how to interpret lab results and appropriate interventions to address abnormal values.  I also held the title as education specialist where I worked to create interpretive guides and other educational material for practitioners.


I am a mother of 3 beautiful children.  I'm a helper by nature.  I'm a foodie at heart. I thrive being outdoors and close to nature.  I practice what I teach, but I'm also human and deal with many of the challenges that my patient's also deal with.  I appreciate and strive for balance in my life, in all aspects.   


Like many other health practitioners, I entered this field due to my own health struggles and those of close family members.  I witnessed my grandma fight cancer, successfully, by incorporating alternative methods and focusing on dietary principles.  That was the beginning of when I realized the power that nutrition can play in our health.  

Another profound event in my life that shaped how I practice is with the birth of my twins, who were born micro-preemies (at 24 weeks).  You can imagine the health struggles with infants born that premature, and my kids were no exception.  I used all of my knowledge and sought further expertise in the field of pediatrics to help address their health issues, including G-tube care, chronic digestive disorders, immune dysfunction, developmental delays, neurological imbalances and more.  


I know the power that food plays with our health because I have seen time and time again how the right diet (specific to an individual's needs) can have in improving their health issues.  I've seen it with myself, my kids, my family, my patients.  I have the utmost respect for conventional medicine, medical doctors and specialists.  After all, they saved my kids lives.  But I also know they are not taught nutrition in medical school.  And without addressing the diet, there is a major aspect of health care that is missing.  This is where my experience professionally and personally can help people with their health struggles.  

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